Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So Chuck Devore got knocked out of the Senate primary by Carly Fiorina. She's going up against Botox Barbara in the fall. That's the bad news.

The good news is Devore's name recognition in the state went from single digits in the past year to 49% and with overwhelming positive perception among conservatives. He's been the "real deal" all along as a State Assemblyman -- that's why he got my $upport early on in the primary. Now he's got visibility statewide and (good Lord willing) will make something of it.

He's turning the light on the cockroaches from the religion of peace (also known as those who would like to kill us) in his latest blog/website post. He should have a much larger audience that he did 6 months ago...

College campuses throughout America play host to various student groups; some enhance the campus environment while others don’t. The Muslim Student Union (MSU) at the University of California Irvine (UCI) has been in the latter category for the six years I’ve represented about 500,000 in the California State Assembly, including the UCI campus.

For that reason, and the reasons detailed below, last February, I asked UCI leaders to ban the MSU for a year because of their disruptive campus behavior. This caused UCI’s MSU spokesperson to complain of my “long history of antagonism” towards the group while accusing me of censorship and vigilantism.

I’m pleased to report that the MSU at UCI has been suspended from campus for a year, pending a routine appeal.

Get some popcorn. This should be an interesting show. Nah, skip the popcorn and give some thought to personal security preparedness.

I wrote to UCI Chancellor Michael Drake, to protest the MSU’s actions. In this letter, I declared, “MSU at UCI is an entity inimical to the University’s imperative to provide an education in an atmosphere of academic liberty, free of coercion and conducive to meaningful debate and free inquiry. I therefore request that you defend this University, its students, and its mission by banning the Muslim Student Union from its campus and withdrawing all formal recognition of its existence.”


If he keeps this up he'll have a fatwa on his head in no time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

2nd Amendment Saturday

Seems more things change the more they stay the same. CA State Rep Saldana is no friend of liberty. Whether she's consciously aware of it or not she is a tool of that spirit -- the anti-Spirit of 76 that would enslave us. She's leading the charge in Sacramento to restrict open carry of even unloaded firearms in CA. The bill she introduced this spring has passed the CA House and is going to the Senate now.

No, it's not an out and out attack on the 2nd Amendment. Of course. Who would be so bold as to call for an outright dismissal of that right. Rather she is an incrementalist. She understands like the British Governor of Pennsylvania understood over 200 years ago that "to disarm the people; that was the most effectual way to enslave them; but they should not do it openly;"

Back in the day George Mason reminded that founding revolutionary generation of the creeping incrementalism of tyranny.

"To disarm the people [is] the best and most effectual way to enslave them..."

"Who are the militia? The consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers."

"An instance within the memory of some of this House, will show us how our militia may be destroyed. Forty years ago, wihen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man [Sir William Keith], who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that was the most effectual way to enslave them; but they should not do it openly; but to weaken them, and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia."