Thursday, February 4, 2010

My head hurts

What with a bit of a sinus thing happening this past week, a door half hung, brake job in the driveway on yet another vehicle and...

the stuff on the national scene that seemed to start a crescendo with the State of the Union and peaked with the announcement of a $1.6Trillion deficit, sustained campaign speechifying and whining by the TheWunWhoWon, and now the House voting to raise the debt ceiling another 1.9(?) Trillion...

My head hurts.

This blog thing is mostly a release for me. The past week or two? Not so much.

As a good friend and old supervisor used to say, "I picked a heck of a day to stop drinking."


Looking forward to being back for another "2nd Amendment Saturday" post. Maybe I can get that going as a regular thing. I've been enjoying reading bits and pieces of a collection of historic 2nd Amendment related writings published by the NRA as a 2nd Amendment Primer. Some good sound bites in there (or blog bits if you please).

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