Thursday, February 11, 2010

Got Spellcheck?

In Europe there was an old monastary which stored documents dating from the earliest times of Christianity. It was the job of the monks in this monastery to copy all of the documents to preserve them.

One day one of the newer monks realized something; the documents they were copying were in fact copies themselves. The young monk took his find to the Abbot. He pointed out that this meant that any mistakes that had been made copying the documents over the course of thousands of years would be preserved. He recommended that the original documents should be examined to see if any mistakes have been made.

The Abbot replied that this was a good idea and that he would go and check the originals that very day.

Later in the day the young monk went into the Abbots chamber and found him weeping over one of the ancient manuscripts. When the young monk asked what was wrong, the Abbot pointed at a single line of text on the paper in front of him.
"It says 'Celebrate'."

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