Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Newt jumps the Shark

Have all ya'll have been following this one up in NY-23rd District? The NRCC is backing a Margaret Sanger Award winner who supports Card Check.

Sound to you like the TEA party messages have really struck home, eh? /heh

Michelle Malkin is reporting regularly on the race and the wrestling match inside the Republican Party.

I think Newt jumped the shark with his vocal stand with the NRCC and the RINO candidate on this issue.

Quite a show being put on by a Conservative Party candidate (and some fun fireworks to watch as Sarah Palin and others have sided with the 3rd party Hoffman). It would seem to me, this is a strategic battle for the soul of the Republican and conservative movement.

I've given to Hoffman's campaign. Been plenty of talk about conservatives taking on professional party RINO's.

We been talking about this type of guy emerging from the community to run for office. There's been plenty of talking. Sometimes, too much talking.

Well, Keep talking. But, now is time for action. So take action while you talk the issue up. If you're so inclined, send $5, $10 or $20 towards Mr. Hoffman's campaign. LINK

Maybe the RNCC and Mr. Steele will feel your poke in their eye.

Hoffman's NY column: Link

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Braxton Hicks said...

Donated myself to Hoffman. I wanted to stick it in the eye of the NRCC running that fiasco up there.