Friday, October 2, 2009

Sorry, No Oprahlympics in 2016

Chi-Town eliminated in the first round of balloting. OUCH!

How's that legacy looking Mr. Daley?

Chicago has been eliminated from Olympic balloting in the first round of voting by the International Olympic Committee, a stunningly swift defeat for the U.S. bid personally pitched by President Barack Obama... 2016, it won't be Chicago.

The 2016 Summer Games were to be Mayor Richard Daley's legacy. Now the mayor comes home to face recession-driven budget woes and concerns about violence that plague Chicago, without the ability to change the public dialogue to Olympics talk...

...But things got complicated when it came to Chicago politics

Chicago politics? Complicated?

Not at all. Simple as pie. Pay up. Stay in line. Keep your kneecaps.

No sweat for Barry and Michelle. Nice date for them. Copenhagen should be nice this time of year.

Never mind the culture of corruption took a hit in the knees. The Daly machine will find someone else to get a vig from.

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