Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Self Evident?

Are these truths still self-evident?

1. Liberty
2. Private property
3. Consent of the governed
4. Equality
5. Natural rights
6. Religious freedom
7. Rule of law
8. Constitutionalism

Even to this generation of government schooled people?

This list came nicely packaged in Cal Thomas's colume today at Townhall,
Matthew Spalding of The Heritage Foundation offers one component of that strategy in his new book, "We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming Our Future." Spalding believes, "America is unique in that universal principles of liberty are the foundation of its particular system of government and its political culture."

Part of Cal's prescription? Going Galt on public schools -- a mass exodus. hmmm...

We're facing that decision ourselves as our youngest approaches the end of junior high school. We are considering where to send her for freshman year of high school. She'd been in an excellent charter school that's a blast from the past. The school teaches history the way I learned it; with it a healthy view of American Exceptionalism.

The Charter School is in it's second year of a new high school program. We'd thought that was a fait accompli for daughter #3 since it was first announced. However, as it's developed, it's faced a lot of opposition from the Establishment and the ramp up in facilities and programs has been slower than expected. They still are making do in cramped quarters at the lower campus and hitting snags with contracting for a dedicated HS building.

Add to that daughter #3's growing interest in water polo and involvement with the team/coach/new friends at our default public high school. It's a really good public school -- as public schools go.

So, a choice between schools will have to be made -- a choice we'd thought was long since settled.

World view or water polo?

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Excellent article. Thanks for the link.