Friday, November 13, 2009

beatin' the rain

Took the day off and rented a bobcat today. Got a lot of cleanup done on the lower drive. Prepping for a house (and trailer) full of company this weekend. Youth conference at church. Lots of folks coming from out of town.

Big part of the effort was getting piles of fill, gravel and concrete rubble out of this area.

Also relocated all the keystone blocks lower on the lot: out of the way and closer to where they'll be used.

Took advantage of the bobcat to run gravel to the upper lot driveway and then by wheelbarrow over the wall to cover this drainage area at the foot of the grand retaining wall.

The crowning achievement of the day was getting the trailer (24') moved from the house driveway and down to the lower lot and the new RV hookups. It was dark by the time I got that done -- no pix. Still had to load the bobcat in the dark. One of the tie-down chain tensions jammed and I had to go persuade it in my vise. I reaaaally wanted to be done by then.
I'm beat.

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