Monday, November 2, 2009

Making Sausage and Tax Laws

Somethings you're just better off not seeing. Here's another. The insides of my Taurus 85UL, 38 Special +P revolver.

It's said that a snub is the hardest handgun to shoot well. To get and stay proficient requires practice. I've done that. Lots of rounds have gone through this revolver. Tonight I finally took off the sideplate to give it a deep cleaning and see what lubing it up with the recent batch I bought of wonderlube "Slipstream" does for it.

Sort of wish I'd left well enough alone. Even inspecting without the benefit of magnification I see why so many smiths refuse to work on Taurus revolvers. I may be sending this back to Taurus and asking for them to clean up some ugliness on functional surfaces. The roughness on the cylinder pawls alone make me want to run to Brownells website and see if a replacement part is available. The hammer torques so much in DA mode that when it comes down it's striking the sideplate and sliding down it until it hits the transfer bar. yechhhh.

I got this about 3 years ago. Lots of guys base on Taurus quality but I've had a .357 Taurus since the 80's that's been a peach so I went ahead and got this 38.

Since then it's my primary carry piece. All in all I've been very happy with it. Yeah the double action trigger is notchy and varies widely from one cylinder to the the next but I shoot it pretty pickin' well if I do say so myself. Practice, practice, practice.

It's a nice compromise in size and weight for a snub. Fills my hand better than the benchmark lightweight S&W J-frame (a good thing when shooting +P loads). However, due to the alloy frame still much lighter than the Ruger SP101 I almost bought instead of this piece. I'm glad for the lighter weight.

I'll sleep on it but odds are I'll be checking into Taurus warranty.

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