Friday, November 6, 2009

full plate

some sticky stuff at church to deal with, the jihadi attack on our troops at Ft Hood, the MSM's and .Gov's denial of connection to the enemy we're at war with...

pass the pink liquid. All I can say at the moment is "arm our military." Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Arm our military? How many died yesterday because soldiers weren't allowed to bear arms on a military base. Absurd. How have we come to this?

That makes about 100 troops who've been killed by jihadis in their midst who wore the same uniform.

this tally from Zane's comment in response to this blog by Lex:
May I ask a favor of the readership? By my estimate, since 2001 we’ve lost over a hundred soldiers, and likely many hundreds more, to Islamic traitors. Help me name them all (I stink at names).

Start with Ali Mohamed, the Egyptian trained at Fort Bragg.

The Marine from Lebanon who invented his own kidnapping to escape his HET team in the field, was recaptured, and who fled the country when allowed out of brig in Christmas charity.

Perfidious interpreters such as some I knew of can be added to the list, if they were American citizens.

The soldier who rolled the grenade in Kuwait.

The soldier recently convicted of years of rapes.

The Beltway Sniper, trained in the Army.

Jihad Johnny, who knew the attack was coming, had multiple opportunities to tell his American captors, and chose Islam instead.

How about that OS who changed his name to Jihad (hey DivO, think that’s a clue to something?) and tried to pass location data on Lex’s battle group to the muj?

gimme a minute I'll back with bells on. At moment though I'm thinking some dark thoughts as I grieve with the families of our fallen (unarmed) warriors at Ft Hood.

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