Friday, January 15, 2010

Letters from the Boot

The Son&Heir is finishing his 2nd week of Marine Boot camp. He was about as well prepared for the adventure as is possible without being "prior service."

His first letter home arrived today. Brings back memories and emotions...

"I'm not sure what the date is, but I just got your letter and it's T2 (training day 2)...

Getting your letter today though has been the happy (sic) moment in my short time here. I did not think they would, but the drill instructors really do break you down to make you think like they want you to. The mental aspect has been very difficult. But definitely NOT impossible. I'm getting by just fine taking it one meal at a time...

One thing that sucks about our barracks is we can see the parade deck and see the Marines graduating every Friday and are reminded how far away from graduation we are."

Mentioned it to Uncle Tommy who's a WWII tin can sailor. He had this sea story to offer in return about his boot camp experience,

"yes, those DI's are tough like the ex marine that I had in Newport, RI. he found out about a smelly, dirty unwashed boot. Had us all out on the drill field. Called the guy out and ordered him to go get his sea bag and hammock. The man thought that he was to be transferred. Instead he was ordered to spread all his gear on the dirt field. Now this was in December and cold. We were all ordered "Attension " and forward march over his belongins. Back and forth a few times. He was ordered to go wash his gear and be ready for inspection when we all were finished with our drill. The guy kept his gear clean the rest of our time there.

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