Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waking up in 2010...

Been light blogging. Thoughts, emotions and responsibilities have kept me busy elsewhere. Got the duty on short notice last week (Weds) to take sermon on Sunday. Had to stay unplugged and get that done. Spoke on Ezra 7. Seemed like a good tie in for a New Years message.

Listening back to it critically I hear a couple spots where I misspoke. I could blame lack of adequate rehearsal time or the new format I was looking at/juggling on my laptop Powerpoint display as I spoke (yeah, place blame but never take responsibility. /heh yeah, that's it ;^) ).

When I first started blogging I thought it'd be a good place to work out thoughts and maybe vent a bit in journal format. It hasn't worked out that way. Instead it's become more like a collage of random life happenings, humor and political current events. All in all blogging has stayed on a more superficial level than I'd originally envisioned. Turns out, much of what percolates in my head is church/pastoring related and I realize is too sensitive to put out in public.

The past week has seen the Son&Heir off to Marine Corp Recruit Depot. That's been a bit of melancholoy for me and my trophy bride. He's off to get his man card. I hope and pray for his success. I envy him a bit. My time for a young man's adventure and risk taking is past. It's his turn now.

Got his address card yesterday and immediately shot him a quick note to let him know we received it. Hopefully give him a wee bit of encouragement.

Speaking of Marines, this video was linked to me today and it jarred me back to the blogosphere...

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