Monday, April 5, 2010

Contract From America: Tea Party Top Three

From the Christian Science Monitor...

The top three vote-getters among 360,000 respondents on the Contract From America website:

1. An enumerated powers act to force lawmakers to check the constitionality of new laws
2. Requiring a two-thirds majority in Congress for any tax hike
3. a legislative backstop to prevent the EPA from "backdoor regulating."

Tea party: 'Intellectual reform movement?'
"[The ideas in the tea party-coined Contract From America] takes our protest movement and really sets forth a real kind of intellectual reform movement," says Ryan Hecker, a Tea Party Patriots activist in Houston, and a founder of the Contract From America website. "It's a response to the idea that the tea party people don't know what they're fighting about, and it shows there's a real intellectual center to this movement and that we really do have ideas."


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