Friday, April 2, 2010

Family Day

Yesterday was spent at MCRD Family Day. Today is the even bigger day -- Graduation!

After a morning of waiting, presentations by the MCRD staff and the excitement of seeing the new Marines on their Moto run the big moment arrived as we all waited at the Parade Deck for our Marines to be turned loose for liberty.

Platoon 1007 arrived, last of the following element.

A couple short speeches, several musical numbers by the Marine Band, and the Chaplain's prayer...

The moment we've all been waiting for, "Dismissed!" Ooooo-RAH!!!

Hug's all around. It was a blur of cammies and mommies!

After the initial hugs and hellos it seemed a bit surreal.

Group shot!

Now, to get serious about 13 week wish fulfillment. Carne Asada gone in 60 seconds flat. Eaten? More like inhaled!

The afternoon was spent in on base liberty, enjoying recruit sea stories, meeting some mates, touring the museum and generally milling about smartly.


FbL said...


He looks like he could definitely use the carne asada! Has he always been on the extra-lean side, or did he lose a bunch of weight in boot camp?

be603 said...

Yep, he's always been lean -- competitive soccer, surfer, general fitness nut. He's really lean now. 5' 11'. Went in at 168#, weight at week 5 was 154#.

He didn't really have any to lose to begin with.

be603 said...

I'll relink a video from last spring HS musical -- gives a sense of his build and movement.