Monday, April 19, 2010

Second Amendment Saturday

"...In whatever government the people neglect to retain so much power in their hands as to be a check to their rulers, depravity and the love of power is so prevalent in the humane mind, even of the best of men, that tyranny and cruelty will inevitably take place."

- Instructions of Town Meeting, Preston, Connecticut (November 26, 1787)

I missed making my Saturday 2nd Amendment post this weekend. This video showed up in the e-mail inbox this morning...

AssociatedPress — April 15, 2010 — A suburban Chicago police officer caught on video hitting a driver more than a dozen times with his baton and firing a stun gun at the man's passenger was charged with battery and misconduct, and more charges are possible, prosecutors said. (April 15)

"Submit to the LAW! I'm here to enforce it!"
"Yes, sir. 3 bags full. How high?!!!"

Could this guy have avoided the beat down with that response?

Maybe. Still and all, the phrase 'monopoly of power' immediately comes to mind.

We used to primarily speak of Police as being public servants who "Protect and Serve." In my lifetime that seems to have been replaced in the lexicon with the term "Law Enforcement Officers."

Hmmm... There's something in that to ponder

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