Saturday, May 16, 2009

Banning Water

Doctor, Doctor give me the news!

Quote of the day goes to Uncle Ted writing about the annual NRA Convention,

"Peace and love will get you killed, and unarmed helplessness is a welcome mat for evil."

Taking it from the top:
Annual NRA Pow-Wow
by Ted Nugent


Water, water, everywhere water. Know it, embrace it, manage it or drown. Same goes for cars, trucks, chainsaws, knives, crowbars, blowtorches, teakettles and guns. Based on the inept, clumsy, irresponsible failure of braindead, uncoordinated nitwits, I will not be denied the pragmatic, functional utility of anything.

I will not drown, drink and drive, chainsaw massacre anyone, stumble, slice, burn or shoot myself, nor will I ever hold up a bank. So the best advice would be to think, improvise, adapt and overcome, man-up, but by all means, leave me the hell alone. You don’t ban electric guitars just because someone may have a lapse in logic, goodwill and decency and spontaneously break out into country and western music.

*edit: ROFL! the entire article

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