Sunday, May 17, 2009

They're baaack!

The epi's that is...

The bud of a blood red about to bloom is visible at the left edge of the photo.

Last year...

Busy day in the yard yesterday. Mostly occupied with pressure washing pool deck and coping in prep for plasterer on Tuesday. Took the washer up top and tried it on the front patio's old flagstone. It's mostly Arizona Pink which is a soft, porous stone. It's been neglected many years and looking quite dull. The pressure washer cleaned it up really nice. Had to be careful though. That Arizona Pink is actually a sandstone and can exfoliate a lot under high pressure wash.

O' course once that got started we had to try washing some adjacent concrete areas and the paved ramp down to the pool. Now I've got to looking at the granite face of the large retaining wall. Hmm... I hadn't noticed how much staining and dirt there is from runoff from the upper yard and patio area.

Yeah, pressure washing. Can't stop once you've got started. Like pickin' a scab.

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