Friday, May 8, 2009

A Thespian inspite of himself

Brother and sister, as Rooster and Grace respectively, after last night's performance of Annie.

With apologies to Moliere' for that oblique reference to a farce their father once was cast in a long, long time ago in a place far, far, away...

In fact in the same town in that link but a few city blocks over on the college stage. /heh Small world thing... A google to check spelling of Moliere' and the 3rd link was to the ECT stage where their father did Lion in Winter when he was the same age as the Son&Heir in the photo above.

"I had an alcoholic latin tutor who taught me everything he knew."
"Which wasn't much I might add."
"The trick in not to dribble when you bang the bung."

I just looked closer at the ECT link and noticed that Phillip Wickstrom directed that recent production, of "Physician." He directed the production I was in at Centralia College in '79. Small towns, somethings don't change. Wonder if he's still sporting that spiffy beatnik Van Dyke. Phillip's gotta be getting up there in years...

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