Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do Over?

Ever have one of those days at work you wish you could get a "do over?"

My older bro' has been in Bolivia since 1970 or so.

This report from my Sis-n-law came in yesterday.
"The bridge engineers cut the old cable today and unfortunately the clamps which were holding the piece of cable over top of the new tower could not hold the weight. At the moment they cut the old cable it bucked and the undulation created made it slip until it went down and left it floating on the river. The new towers are undamaged but please pray that they can hoist the deck back up where it belongs and secure it before the river rises."

Here's the video of the bridge going down...

About 35 people live full time over at the Bible School. The grounds are about 100 acres which includes a farm that's part of the ministry. It also serves as camp/conference ground.

This pic is of the bridge looking over toward the camp/Bible School in better days. Just enough to get a Jeep across (by a couple inches per side /heh).

There's been a couple times a driver got distracted or sloppy and wheel slipped off. Get's exciting.

You should have seen the old foot bridge that was there before this one when I visited in the 70's. BIG gaps in the decking. Man sized gaps. Gordo man sized gaps.

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Daniel said...

Sorry to see what happened to the bridge.
Interesting to note that the original bridge built by my father in the early 50's withstood many years of heavy use, big gordo sized gaps in the planking not withstanding. And yes it is true that one had to watch carefully where went the feet when crossing from town to property. I wish you success in getting it back in order. And I hope that before I visit in April all is back in order so as to spare me the swim. Dan Frewing