Thursday, March 25, 2010

The more things change...

...the more they stay the same.

Got sent a Flickr link by an old friend today. A bunch (100's?) of pix had just posted of the summer camp I went to as a kid. The camp's 50th anniversary is this year and they're setting up a reunion website.

So I picked an album and dug in. 2nd pic in the pile I came to? This one.

Yep. That would be me front and center taking aim. Figure the odds.

Gun nut then.
41 years later -- still a gun nut.
Still can't get enough time on the firing line and yes those other guys were pikers.

Didn't change my clothes all week. Showers? Fie on them!

What showers? We had swim time! Living the dream! Not sure, but Mom might have threatened to burn some when I got home.

I was going into 4th grade. That was the week of the first moon walk. They borrowed a TV and set it up in the chapel so we could watch Neil Armstrong step off the first time.

Looking at some of the pix it strikes me that maybe boys summper camps had a few harder edges they do now.

Just getting out on that greased log to situp and face your challenger was no mean feat. Freshly peeled and slathered with Crisco or lard.

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