Monday, March 15, 2010

Mud at HUD

O'Keefe doing still more of the journalism that the MSM won't do. This time he is exposing HUD and their willingness to allow scams on the special Obama mortgage tax credit.

Hey, it's all stimulus ain't it. What's the harm in it? /heh (sarcasm off)

Full story at Wired Magazine.
What's equally damning of the establishment Left is the reaction by the Detroit Free Press when O'Keefe approached them with the story.

No hookers, no above the fold coverage?

Dunno how big a splash this story will make -- if at all. Sex sells, Mr. O'Keefe. Reckon you gotta find a way to get Miss Giles back on camera.

oops. there's that sarcasm thing again...

Maybe the Media coverup will be enough for it to get some traction and catch the public's imagination. Brietbart thinks that will be the key.

Brietbart understands the "Pop News" cycle and is using it to break stories under, around and inspite of the MSM. He understands the need for entertainment and titillation to engage minds of the mushy middles and the masses of the distracted.

It takes a really good hook (hooker?) to get folks to look away from the latest Brad and Angelina news in the checkout line and to consider some news of real import.

Breitbart starts to cackle. Of course he wants to see the tape. Sleazy HUD administrators are important, sure. But media covering up sleaze? That’s entertainment. “Dude, that’s the most important part!” he says. “I have seepage coming out of five parts of my body right now.”

Catch the public's imagination? If the story about corruption at HUD isn't a break out story, maybe body orifice seepage is. I guess "It Depends."

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