Friday, March 19, 2010

Freshly minted Devil Dogs

Was away for the week celebrating wedding anniversary #26. Stepped out to breakfast Weds morning without our cell phones and missed a call (first we've had) from the Son&Heir by just a couple minutes. Bummer.

He's in week 10 of Marine basic training at MCRD San Diego. The good news is we have his voicemail to replay. Great to hear him sounding upbeat, confident and strong. Well, at least what we could make out over the background hollering of the Drill Instructors. /heh

This video of their platoon (Alpha Co. 1007) was shot this week and posted today to the Devil Dogs site.

The Son&Heir is in the middle of the 1st row down from the top. He's 7th from screen right, first man to the viewers left of the only African American Recruit in that row.


hauttedoggie said...

congrats to the Son&Heir...I had forgotten he was joining up. My own son&heir came running when he heard the video playing ---Lij

FbL said...

If their SDI is the same Garcia I saw with new recruits one night at the USO a year or more ago, then your son should have some great stories. I watched Garcia welcome new recruits at the USO with this incredibly thick Puerto Rican accent that he turned on and off like a switch. It was a riot to see the "Huh??? What did he say? OMG, I have no idea what he just told me to do!!" expressions on those Midwestern recruits' faces. LOL!