Tuesday, May 25, 2010

California's Kobayashi Maru Scenario

Seriously, I can not see how this CA governor's race has any good outcome.

Trying to figure out how to vote causes so much cognitive and moral dissonance in my mind I'm as crazy as a cat with masking tape on it's paws.

Meg Whitman:
The female Il Duce' candidate.
Maybe she isn't the Sith Lord some suspect she is but she is definitely an enemy of freedom. However, she presents the best expectation of successfully tackling California's budget problems, cutting costs, and making the trains run on time.

Steve Poizner:
Whiney, destined to be ineffective executive and eaten alive in the media. No need to go any further and provide commentary on his mealy mouthed brand of me too (RINO) conservatism.

Jerry Brown:
Uhh, hello? Moonbeam? How do you think we got here? Who lead the start of the slide that's resulted in CA current state of affairs?


wonder if I can get in some range time...