Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prom Night Pre-Prom Pix Follies

It was quite the show this evening as we were at the “pre-Prom” party with daughter #2(The Divine Miss M)...

...and went from there with her and the Son&Heir’s best girl (he being absent in P’cola) for dinner.

They being Hotstuff, but ASB officers, had to hasten to the venue for last minute setup responsibilities, sans escorts.

Quite the scene — young lovelies in their finest and young lads uncertain about corsages..., and the wearing of ties and 3 button jackets.

Quite the setting — backyard on Shelter Island opening right onto the water and the marina.

Some might say I was outclassed by Yachty dads in oxford shirts.
Self delusion or not, I like to think I set the standard with my “Periodic Table of Ammunition” T-shirt.

Old White Hat, recovering sailor from East County. Yeah, I know style.