Monday, October 6, 2008


Awakening Chorus
A 1st Stanza:

Awake awake! and sing the blessed story;

Awake awake! and let your song of praise arise;

Awake awake! the earth is full of glory,

And light is beaming from the radiant skies;

The rocks and rills, the vales and hills resound with gladness,

All nature joins to sing the triumph song.


The Lord Jehovah reigns and sin is backward hurled!

Rejoice rejoice! lift heart and voice, Jehovah reigns!

Proclaim His sov'reign pow'r to all the world,

And let His glorious banner be unfurled! Jehovah reigns!

Rejoice rejoice rejoice! Jehovah reigns.

2nd Stanza:

Ring out! ring out! O bells of joy and gladness!

Repeat, repeat, a new the story o'er again,

Till all the earth shall lose its weight of sadness,

And shout anew the glorious refrain;

With the angels in the heights sing of the great Salvation,

He wrested from the hand of sin and death.

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