Friday, October 3, 2008

Como le va

Lots of goings on in Bolivia. Still taking to the streets Texas style. Here's hoping and praying forces of liberty and good prevail.

I don't have any striking observations or analysis to add to stuff being blogged by others. Just a bit of personal interest to add -- asked my family there how they're faring -- this came back:

Hi, yes, we are in the news. Our President gave a very convincing
speech on CNN last night!! Never heard communism called democracy before but
that is what he calls it!! (this might be censured) For the past 3 weeks
we have not received mail, roads closed all around and American Airlines
will have no flights from Miami to Bolivia until Sept. 30. The US Embassy
just informed us. Today the roadblocks around the city of Sta. Cruz (4 hours
away from us) were lifted for 3 weeks. They may resume later! What a mess.
We usually get money out of the ATMs there so since it was all closed off
yesterday still we drove south to Yacuiba (on the Argentina border) and got
money out of ATMs there. There is one ATM here in xxxxxxx but we can only
withdraw small amounts.