Friday, October 10, 2008

Cramer capitulates?

The Boo-yah boy says get yer cash out that'll you'll need for the next five years. Is that sound advice or capitulation? Here's hoping it's capitulation that (in retrospect) will mark the bottom of this stock crash.

Maybe this most recent market action is not about the debt bubble though. If Mr Market is a discounter of the unseen future then the debt business which is seen may be a red herring for this week's price action. Maybe Mr. Market is discounting the results of the Presidential Election. Hmmm,...

Time will tell. Don't jump off no rollercoasters. You'll get hurt for certain. I'm no good at calling tops but I've been pretty "successful" in selling the bottoms in the past. Yeah, that rollercoaster jump hurt, it did. Too late to take more cash for me. I'm still in and still puttin' in (my 401K) -- time will tell, indeed.

Was thinking how Joseph made all that money for Pharoah. Maybe we'll all be selling our property and persons into bondage by the time we're through (either real or figuratively to a statist leader).

On that cheery note. Happy Friday. God is good. All the time.

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