Saturday, October 25, 2008

Git yer Zane Thang On!

How to turn a 5 minute job into an all day off and on project...

Seemed simple enough to push a pin out of the lift arm on my tractor and replace it with a longer bolt. I need the bolt to install a Zane Thang which will allow control of the lift position.

Woulda' been simple job if that pin hadn't apparently been in the same hole since 1941. It's happy there. Doesn't want to leave it's comfy, cozy home.

So far it has resisted my increasing insistent ministrations. First tapping, then penetrating oil, prying, vise grips, an puller improvised from a socket and nasty old c-clamp.

Rassin' Crassin'...

One more try with the puller tomorrow, then the torch is coming out.

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