Thursday, April 23, 2009

It pays to do pricing exercise

Short on blog activity. Hustling to make next major milestone on the pool -- pouring the flatwork and steps Saturday morning. Last minute drainage mods, backfilling, leveling today.

Met up with finisher as supply yard today, paid for 1000' of #3 steel and had him drop it at the lot. Crazy the difference in pricing. At the supply house it was $181 with the sales tax. Less than a mile away at Home Depot it would have been ~$500.

Ouch. Glad I checked around about rebar pricing.

Tomorrow? Compacting, tweaks to forms and lay the steel.

After the flatwork it's the required pool security fencing and gates. Then we can call for final inspection. Hopefully we'll get signed off first try and be able to get to plaster and fill.

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