Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring break 'n busy

The Son&Heir used a good portion of senior spring break day #1 to help out with the pool retaining walls. Hired a hand (Alfredo) for the day too. Man he really turns and burns like he's got a family to feed or something (he does).

We hauled a couple more loads of block from Home Depot (about 70 in all at 65lb/ea.) Have it all in place now save one last back corner and a short run up behind the hottub.

The backfilling is hot and heavy work -- more so without a front loader. Though much of the fill is banked up above so we just shovel that portion downhill. It's takes a pretty good effort to compact that much area using a tamping foot on a 60# electric jackhammer. Glad to have help. No way I could do more than 5-10 minutes of that work without being laid up a couple weeks.

Maybe would have come out ahead on labor if I'd rented a Wacker for the day. In any case on the home stretch for the walls. Next up? Gravel fill, level, steel & forms for the patio, walkways and steps.

In the middle of it all the red, white and blue truck of happiness with something simply rugged from Wasilla, AK. More pics of that later.

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