Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pool Deck Pour

What a day. Started early with re-bar still not all done. Wrong mix ordered. Pumper couldn't handle it. Had to scramble for extra wheelbarrows and run a bucket brigade.
Yeah, the chute couldn't get up high enough to directly fill wheelbarrows. We had to shovel most of that load off the ground into wheelbarrows.

Then up the plank 3 steps high and across to the back side.

Yes it was warm and dry and the mix sat in the truck waaayy too long. Yeah the slab's already spider cracking in spots. Oh well, least I won't be upset about first earthquake and those inevitable cracks.

Paid over $200total wait time and the Jefe' ordered too much mud (~5 yds too much) in shortload to finish up. At least I was able to dump ~2 1/2 yds as retaining wall backfill. That's some expensive fill. My achin' wallet.

oh my achin'...

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