Thursday, April 16, 2009

There's got to be a morning after

funny how a 30+ year old tune will ring in your ears sometimes...

In this case the morning after tax day. I finally got it wrapped up after dinner last night. Then later in to the evening helping the 2 oldest kids through theirs. What me hurry? /heh

Got nailed with some heavy AMT but thankfully still a bit of surplus so I didn't have to write any checks.

Ahh, sweet relief. Stayed up late to welcome a friend in from the airport to crash out our place. He's out to see his Marine son in the Naval Hospital.

Woke to signs of progress in front lawn -- and an "oops."

Tore out an old sprinkler line and didn't realize during all the rerouting 6-7 years ago I'd left it still charged/pressurized.
Didn't do too much damage when the sprinklers ran this morning but made things a bit soggy.

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