Saturday, April 4, 2009

Unexpected delights...

Dropped the Divine Miss M off for dinner outing with girls group from Church and found myself alone in the car with my one and only. Well hey, we haven't eaten, the sun's not set yet, we're halfway to the bay, all dressed up, what's a fella to do?

Pier Cafe at Seaport Village fit the bill nicely, thank you very much.

Being the gentlemen I am, gave m' lady the sunset view.

Magnificent ain't she?!

I got the view south to Coronado Bay Bridge. That seating arrangement had the added benefit of sparing me the view of a large haze grey bird farm named for a famous actor cum President.

Odds are something inappropriate for a date night would have happened with a prolonged view of CVN-76. A recovering sailor could have flashbacks -- or worse.

Like being tempted to tell my date a sea story. Or comparing the memory of Ronaldus Magnus to "The One." Yeah, that woulda broke the mood for sure. /heh

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