Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Virtue Mine Honour

Went to hear the Son&Heirs band play Friday night at Church youth group annual battle of the bands. He had borrowed a t-shirt from the lead guitarist. The sleeves were torn off and exposed his rib cage.

Surprise, surprise Sgt Carter. His mom noticed that the young man has got himself a largish tat on his ribcage under arm area. He's been hiding it from us since his 18th b'day last October!


I've always tol' him, "You're old enough for tattoos, you're old enough to pay room and board." Guess he decided to call my bluff. Sure hope he finds a way to pay for his eats at Cal Maritime next year. :-)

On the upside he's got good taste in artwork. It's a one color family crest (McLean of Duart).
That explains why his great concern last fall about determining exactly which of the many McLean crests was ours. His 86 yr old Uncle Tommy, who immigrated as a wee laddie and goes back to McLean reunions, gave him the straight gouge on which crest was which.

...and to think I held off all those years in the Navy so as to be a good example to my kids.

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