Thursday, September 24, 2009

Discipleship Essentials

That's the title of a book from Intervarsity Press by Gary Ogden. Tonight was the kickoff of a weekly study/discussion for me with 3 young adult men (a 4th will be joining in next week). They're all smarter than me. Not like that's saying much. :-) Tonight's crew included a Mechanical Engineer, a PhD Aeronautical Engineer candidate and a full time Civil Engineering student working as a commercial framer/concrete carpenter. No fooling this crew. No place for a 40-something- almost 50 poser. /heh

The hip term these days is "Mentoring." It gets used as a synonym for discipling. I beg to differ. Discipling isn't just about passing down info and counsel.
I dare say it's as much about the growth of the discipler as it is about the disciple.

Quote o' the night:
"The method in which the Lord works is incarnational: life rubs against life...
...Discipling ensures that the gospel is embedded deeply in the lives of mature believers who serve as links to the future. Discipling then is a relationship where we intentionally walk alongside a growing disciple or disciples in order to encourage, correct and challenge them in love to grow toward maturity in Christ."

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