Thursday, September 10, 2009

Word o' Day

Gold Embrittlement.

A little peek at some of the fun from last week with supplier in the Bay Area. That's chip soldered on a printed wiring board with failed solder joints cracking out at the interface to our board. Too much gold on the surface makes the solder brittle and fail early. In this case -- immediately at assembly.

The supplier built it with the thickness of gold specified. Our guys specified it wrong.

If our guys had gone through out standard design loop it wouldn't have happened but they didn't want to be slowed by us "detail" folks. Nevermind we would have turned the design faster than the outside service they used. Now they're short parts and having to work around.

Yep, that whole "we're smarter than you old guys" worked out pretty well for them.

Those pesky suppliers -- supplying what we specified instead of what we needed.

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