Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Storm's a coming

Not today or any time soon but I REALLY have to get this drainage situation fixed.
That's hard digging. It just laughs at picks and mattocks. Bounces right off this time of year with it dry. 90% compacted decomposed granite rolled out with a D6. Hired a couple hands who put in most of a day with shovel and 60lb electric jackhammer spade bit all the way down the line.

Had a lot of erosion down to the end of this slope last year. At least it made a good start on the trench for the downhill run of pipe.

There will be quite a collection of lines in that trench. Two 4" lines coming throught the wall from above will join up as a 6" line. Throw in a 3" line with surface drains for the flat at the base of the wall. For good measure lay in a 2" gray water line from the laundry.

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