Friday, September 11, 2009

We get more done before 7 AM

than most people do all day. Remember that Army ad?

Feeling that way today myself (in a small way). Came out early to a dead diesel. No cranking power. 2 batteries in the system to crank the 7.3 liter engine.
Did quick charge, put batteries on my load tester (looked good/marginal), followed by another charge and it started up.

Yup. Dead Alternator. Big ticket item on this engine. Easy swap though. Had it off and swapped with a re-man'd one at the local auto-electric rebuilder by 0900. Cheapest route is buying direct from the rebuilder and I know they do good work. Been using that same shop over 20 years now.

Got it buttoned up and back on the charger for the day. We'll see what those batteries look like after a few hours of charge. Here's hoping -- two big batteries don't come cheap. The vehicle is a 2002 model. I replaced the factory originals 2 years ago.

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