Friday, September 25, 2009

Living like you mean it

The phrase that comes to mind is "We find time for what we love."

What am I spending my time on? Is what I mean to live for? Or have I forgotten to keep an eye on that tree at the end of the pasture? Is my life's furrow tailing off to the side and I haven't noticed lately?

Without having gone to the audio links he's recommending today at "One Anothering" I appreciate the reminder from my friend and "brother from another mother," Mark. He and his fam spent a fair bit of time at our place this past year when they were out on the Left Coast.

Without getting morbidly introspective or legalistic, it's worthwhile to regularly do a self check on how we're allocating the few hours we have this side of the vale.

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Anonymous said... on...I agree. Thanks for the virtual nudge!