Monday, September 7, 2009

Now hear this! All hands muster on station!

"Attention to Quarters"

1st formation and quarters for Cal Maritime Academy Class of 2013. All 261 of them. Wonder how many will be there at first muster after Christmas break for 2nd semester.

Division 6 at attention. Mechanical Engineers in the center column. The Son&Heir in last rank.

Looking sharp. That week of ROTC camp got him a good start on military bearing and drill.

"Leeeft... FACE! Division Officers inspect your division."

Blondie (female) in the column behind the Son&Heir was without a clue. She was in a state of shock -- apparently unaware what the "Academy" in Cal Maritime Academy stands for. /heh


Pawpaw said...

Looks like an interesting school.

be603 said...

Check out the website --

Small classes, steam & diesel labs, training in fabrication & machining, summer cruises on training ship (over 20K miles this summer to South America). Job placement is off the charts.