Thursday, May 8, 2008

Of wooden ships and iron men...

Uncle Tommy served on board a subchaser during WWII. He's full of stories of those days. He's in his mid-80's now. We should be capturing some of those stories for posterity. This came in e-mail from him recently.
Found this website when I googled U.S. Navy subchasers - I was on SC664 in 1943. You might be interested in reading about them.
We escorted Roosevelt out over the horizon (He was on his yacht, the Potomac). Later the world was told he was at Yalta to meet Stalin and Churchill.

110 ft stem to stern, narrow abeam, shallow draft. Made for a ride with serious rocking and rolling. Like PT boats they were a wood hull, no armor, but not as much speed as a PT(20kts vs 40 kts max). Designed to go in harms way. To put themselves between shipping and enemy subs. Sacrifically if need be.

Pretty hardy duty that...

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