Friday, June 26, 2009


Got the final inspection sign off on the pool today. Yee-HAH! It's been open since September. The signoff included closing out an improperly handled permit from way back in 2000 for when we replaced our main power panel. That old issue's been a real thorn. Kept coming up and getting "closed out" then showing up again. I think we finally nailed.

Now to finish all the remaining pool details. Sealing the expansion joint. Planting, irrigation in planters, topping out fence for grape arbor, another 60+ ft of smaller retaining wall to control erosion below the lower pool fence, touch up metal fence paint, patio furniture build, pool side power and walk lighting. The list goes on ad nauseum.

It's been a week for finishing projects started last fall. Such as...

...the Son&Heir's AR build. Just set up with iron sights for now. We'll scope it later after getting some time with "real" sights. :-) Now to clean, lube and get some range time.

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