Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 65 years later

I'm beneath the task of adding to all that's been written today.

Simple day of working on house/yard projects.
Got up, ran the flag up out front. Was a few too many minutes after 0800 so I passed on blowing colors this morning.

Posted a wakeup txt message to the Son&Heir reminding him of the date (he was away overnighting closer to the beach with a buddy for morning dawn patrol surf).

Here's a couple posts that set me to fighting with dust in my eye.

This is a note from a French LtC to the 82nd, serving together with them in Afghanistan currently. LINK

h/t MajorZ

Most Omaha Beach first wave stories ended before they began. Yet a few flames survived to flicker and then flame to life and liberty. LINK

h/t Lex

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