Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not much

Not much blogging energy or time lately because of prepping for this concrete pour. To look at these photos it looks like "not much" too.

Grass removed. Yards and yards of dirt dug, wheelbarrowed and trailered to the lower lot. Lot of drainworks under that. Heavy granite wall cored to exit the 4" drain. Forms set. Gravel loaded on trailer, offloaded, wheeled in and sloped to grade. Steel picked up at local yard (good trick w/out a proper truck anymore).

Laying steel last night was almost a celebration. Sort of like seeing the drywall go on a building after all the slowdown to run wiring, plumbing and mechanical.

Looks can be deceiving. /heh

Concrete truck schedule for 0700 Saturday.

Son & Heir's graduation party Sunday afternoon. No pressure. /double heh


Pawpaw said...

Looking good, pardner.

Nothing like pushing a wheelbarrow to get in shape. Construction is good exercise, and it's satisfying.

Good job. Keep plugging away.

be603 said...

Ran out of wire tonight with about 10 joints to go.

Blessed respite. :-)

Son&Heir graduates HS tomorrow in the AM. Taking the day. Will have to hustle up to finish the punch list tomorrow in between festivities and in time for the Saturday pour.