Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Morning blooms

First off, a pic of what should be the last of my epi blooms this year.

Here's a few of the roses I picked out to put in planters on the newly poured patio out front. This is "Perfume Delight."

It's perfume is indeed a delight. I don't have room for all the roses I'd like to have planted. I'm sucker for a scent so this was an easy choice.

Now this is "Tropicana." Not the best smelling rose but like you might expect to find at THE Tropicana, it is a voluptuous rose.

Sort of the Jessica Rabbit of this garden. The type of gal you'd expect to be wearing very expensive lipstick but still managing to look just a bit cheap. /heh

The kind of dame Guy Noir would associate with.
"So I called the only woman with bright lipstick and a coarse laugh I know, my ex-girlfriend Sugar, and she told me to get lost and why - it was a vicious message and she'd left it on her answering machine. I was devastated."

Now this one was tagged as "Paradise." However, the bloom opened up more since the weekend and I honestly can't tell it from "Tropicana." Checking pix online I'd expect Paradise to be more of a Mauve than this Orange. Maybe I'll see if I can sense a difference in fragrance.

In any case, this is at the opposite end of the patio from Jessica Rabbit.
The two of them will make nice bookends. Sitting, as it were, at opposite ends of the bar.