Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance: Change Happens

"Pomp and Circumstance" always makes me tear up. Got me again yesterday at the Son&Heir's high school graduation.

That song playing means someone is leaving the nest and once again life has changed to never be the same again.

I was the youngest of six. Our home was blessed, peaceful, fun loving and just plain full of loving. Beaver Cleaver didn't have it as good as I did. But as the youngest I watched 5 older brothers and sisters walk down the aisle at Centralia High School to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance. They went out the door of that High School and on to the four corners of the world. Bolivia, Laos, Guatemala, Ecuador, Arabia. I was left to live in the empty(ing) home, daily reminded of what once had been, yet was no more; while they set out to follow their callings.

They were my heroes and I'm still proud to be their brother. The family I grew up with still defines who I am. What they would do or think of me is the measure of what I do when no one is looking. Maybe not so strange than that even at my age I get stung by a wee bit of melancholy when I recollect what was -- and what will never be again. Well, at least not this side of glory. I'm confident the circle will not be broken in the "sweet by and by."

That's the melancholy part. The more sanguine part is that I learned that "change happens" and to get on with living in the present and planning for the future. I purposed early on to reboot the cycle of family and have a family of my own. Now that cycle starts to wind into another phase again as we watch the Son&Heir graduate with plans to leave for college and the military after.

We made the most of the occasion and went out with friends for a heart attack burger and O'rings at Hodads.

Yeah man. That's high living.

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Flintlock Tom said...

Our last/youngest, 4th of 4, is just finishing his 10th year of school. Two more years and we'll call it done. If he decides to go to college I think we'll give him a lump sum and tell him to come visit when he's done.
I imagine grand kids will start showing up some time soon. Sigh.
Congrats on yours graduating.