Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poured. Pooped.

Day dawned nice and overcast for flatwork. Concrete almost on time -- showed up a bit before 0730.

Are you ready to RUMBLE?!!! Hose is up the hill and over the fence. Waiting for pressure...

... and we're off to the races!

The also serve who stand and wait. Lot of hose to keep arranged and moving. Not a trivial bit of morning PT. Especially, when it came time to move it full of mud to the lower level and across the lot. Then back up half that elevation to the overflow pour area I'd prepped to use the last of the concrete load.

The Son&Heir graduated high school yesterday and was out late with friends. Well he was up and at 'em and making 'em a hand today. Like the preacher said yesterday at graduation, "Today (really) is the first stay of the rest of your life."

The heavy work was done and breaking down by 0830. That left just the 2 finishers working(and me to clean up & knock down some forms that needed pulled. They're putting the broom finish on as I write this.

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