Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love hard work...

...I could watch it all day. ;-)

Big doin's with some of the handy young men at church today. This project has been a while in the making. It'll be nice to finally have the projector hardwired and the screen up higher. As it is there's quite a scramble on Sundays to get the unit plugged in, wired and aligned. Not to mention when we have a choir or performers up front, they block the screen while enjoying the projector lamp in their eyes.

First task was relocating/rewiring the screen from above the baptismal to the upper wall. Mission accomplished.

Then Robin confirmed the projector mount location...

Meantime Miguel busied himself hawging holes to chase wires from the basement to the overhead.

This one shows them locking down the projector gimble mount. Mostly I shot this one for Ian's mother to remember him by. He won't be much to look at after he falls from that scaffold rail.

They'll be there late mounting some black pipe and hanging some more stage lights. We'll wire those and hang the power modules another day. As it is, our 51 yr old main panel can't handle the load in the building. The bigger project needing done first is getting a new panel(s) and power drops from the utility. That's percolating in the background -- HVAC man is coming round Monday morning to SWAG amps needed for AC install in the downstairs sanctuary.

The young bucks are doing all the heavy lifting and rooting around in attics and crawlspaces with fish tapes. Me? My part was done before they started. Now I'm mostly there in case the Church Lady asks them whose idea it could have been.

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