Thursday, September 4, 2008

Speaking of Wasilla Women

Mom and Dad drove went up in '46 to help run a Mission children's home in the Matanuska Valley out past Wasilla. Maybe closer to Palmer actually. It was all pretty remote and primative then -- still is actually.

They drove a '31 Durant from Boston on the newly opened Alcan highway. Dad likes to tell how they made it all the way without a flat but did stop along the way for Dad to do a valve job. The way I remember the story, they flatted (all?) the tires in the drive of the children's home the first week they were there. One of the kids had spilled a box of roofing nails.

Mom and Dad fixed up an abandoned cabin with Dad's Navy savings from WWII.

Mom made the most of it and even got some flowers in. The sawn lumber lean to was their cook shack.

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