Friday, September 5, 2008

In memorium

Mean't to publish this last Nov 19 on the 90th anniversary. Got left as a draft and then the date was past...

Speaking of shooting goblins. In Centralia they shoot Wobblies & Bolshevicks. Take a lesson Londonistan!

Long live the memory of [url=]Lt. Warren Grimm[/url], Arthur McElfresh, Ben Cassagranda, and
Dale Hubbard. Argue about the right and wrong of it all you like and do the revisionist history but the American Legion Post 17 got 'er done. Those were different times and still a tough frontier/logging people. Vigilance committees aren't all bad sometimes -- esp when faced with a group dedicated to the armed overthrow of the US government like the IWW.

I've been planning a blogpost about Centralia for Armistice Day. I took some pic's of [url=]the memorial [/url]from recent 30 yr reunion at the Legion Hall.

I noticed they've placed a revisionist plaque for the seditious Wobblies at the memorial since I left town. For the unionists who "willing to die" -- make that "willing to kill." They're lucky all I did was spit on it. I was sore tempted to go get a bucket of muriatic acid...