Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vote of confidence (?)

Or blind (foolish) faith?

The $700B bailout bill, proposed at the expense of "We the People", crashed and burned in the House of Rep's yesterday. We the People said "Nope, nope, wouldn't be prudent" and Congress got the message to go back and work on a better response.

I'm betting John Adams and Tom Jefferson would be relieved by yesterday's vote. Hamilton? Maybe not so much.

So, today I celebrated a fresh hope in God and We the People for the future of America. How? By starting on a cashout re-fi on our house. Need funds to get that pool and shop going. That project will allow for some positive cashflow once completed. The shop will have a rentable studio at one end. Also, we'll have full RV hookups for our trailer plus 2 more fullsize RVs. We should be able to get some cashflow from those as well. The plan is to put laundry down there in the shop as well.

Either it will work out in the long run or I'll be leaving the bank a really nice property when the system comes crashing down. Heh.

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